lets go crazy! (my random thoughts of the day.)

The novels that have inspired me in my youth have always been fantasy. I grew up being read books by Tolkien and C.S. Lewis from my mother next to the fireplace in in a quant living room. I got hooked and began reading D&D fantasy novels such as Dragon Lance and Forgotten Realms books. Fun books that you could waste your afternoon around just diving into a world only seen by your imagination.

My love for the Dragon Lace novels goes deep though and I waited for each book to be released in my small bookstore. I even meet Tracy and Laura Hickman recently and I can die a happy man now.  Such wonderful people they are and they don’t even know how good they made me feel by being able to talk to them for a few minutes.

As far as this short story, goes, I have decided to do an almost complete rewrite. The more and more I dive into the characters the more I want to reorganizes their motivations and set things in motion a little differently. The overall story structure is good, I think, but I want to help these people appear more alive.   They are people after all and deserve to be more then just thoughts in my head. That sounding a little crazy, but I guess I am a little bit.

It is time to go crazy, enjoy life and dance with each stroke of the pen.


just a little bit of info

I just want to say, I feel better about myself when I am writing.  Be it good, bad or just really misspelled, I feel I have a grand opportunity to express myself.

Happy Friday everyone.

My dancing fools

First off, I am going to try for the schedule of Tuesdays and Friday updates to this blog. I would like to do more, but right now, I am dealing with some other issues before I can comment more hours of my life to it.  That being said, I am going to miss my self-imposed deadline for my short story. It will be up soon though.

As far as my story goes, editing it is interesting. The two people that I am writing about are fascinating because both of them are so different on the terms of my familiarity. I have been studying her for about a year and I know on an intimate level. My other person is new and it’s fun seeing how his personality meshes with an established one. It is like playing around with a personality and watching it change as it is introduced to a new variable.

I need to read up more on writing personalities, and keeping writing about the players and people in my world. Any suggestions would be wonderful.   My wonderful people will be dancing in my dreams tonight, but soon, I hope to have them dancing on my pages.

Happy writing everyone, and keep the pages dancing.

Short story #1

I finished writing a very short story a week ago. I am going to go back to it and flesh it out a lot more, get a few edits in and I hope to have it up on the blog soon.  I really have enjoyed writing it and the more I focus on writing, the better I feel.

ok so yea I am nervous the more and more I am getting into it.  Rejection is something that is always in the back of my mind, but the way I see it, rejection is just someone telling you they were looking for and how to improve your story.  I am going to set a deadline to be finished with my first short story.  I will finish editing it by next Friday, the 12th of June.

Thank you all for visiting the blog.  I hope to have some regular updates and get a schedule down soon, once my life settles down a little bit.

My your writing bring a smile to you and many others.

Hay me, pay attention

No not you, but me.  I re-read my first post and felt like hiding under a rock. Here was this statement that I made about writing and see it written poorly.  Oh well lets keep at it and maybe see some improvement.  I blame my short attention span and heck I will post this without going over it again just to see my typos on the site.

So what am I writing?  Well I know it will be a fantasy novel and I spent a lot of time fleshing out the world.   Some of the pages to the story that I thought I was going to write are now history to the story I am going to write.  As things shift and change, so do I feel I am shifting and changing.

I do have a synopsis of the story and I will talk about it later on this week.  Right now I am tired and it’s been a long day.

Happy writing to you all.