My dancing fools

First off, I am going to try for the schedule of Tuesdays and Friday updates to this blog. I would like to do more, but right now, I am dealing with some other issues before I can comment more hours of my life to it.  That being said, I am going to miss my self-imposed deadline for my short story. It will be up soon though.

As far as my story goes, editing it is interesting. The two people that I am writing about are fascinating because both of them are so different on the terms of my familiarity. I have been studying her for about a year and I know on an intimate level. My other person is new and it’s fun seeing how his personality meshes with an established one. It is like playing around with a personality and watching it change as it is introduced to a new variable.

I need to read up more on writing personalities, and keeping writing about the players and people in my world. Any suggestions would be wonderful.   My wonderful people will be dancing in my dreams tonight, but soon, I hope to have them dancing on my pages.

Happy writing everyone, and keep the pages dancing.