just a little bit of info

I just want to say, I feel better about myself when I am writing.  Be it good, bad or just really misspelled, I feel I have a grand opportunity to express myself.

Happy Friday everyone.


Hay me, pay attention

No not you, but me.  I re-read my first post and felt like hiding under a rock. Here was this statement that I made about writing and see it written poorly.  Oh well lets keep at it and maybe see some improvement.  I blame my short attention span and heck I will post this without going over it again just to see my typos on the site.

So what am I writing?  Well I know it will be a fantasy novel and I spent a lot of time fleshing out the world.   Some of the pages to the story that I thought I was going to write are now history to the story I am going to write.  As things shift and change, so do I feel I am shifting and changing.

I do have a synopsis of the story and I will talk about it later on this week.  Right now I am tired and it’s been a long day.

Happy writing to you all.