lets go crazy! (my random thoughts of the day.)

The novels that have inspired me in my youth have always been fantasy. I grew up being read books by Tolkien and C.S. Lewis from my mother next to the fireplace in in a quant living room. I got hooked and began reading D&D fantasy novels such as Dragon Lance and Forgotten Realms books. Fun books that you could waste your afternoon around just diving into a world only seen by your imagination.

My love for the Dragon Lace novels goes deep though and I waited for each book to be released in my small bookstore. I even meet Tracy and Laura Hickman recently and I can die a happy man now.  Such wonderful people they are and they don’t even know how good they made me feel by being able to talk to them for a few minutes.

As far as this short story, goes, I have decided to do an almost complete rewrite. The more and more I dive into the characters the more I want to reorganizes their motivations and set things in motion a little differently. The overall story structure is good, I think, but I want to help these people appear more alive.   They are people after all and deserve to be more then just thoughts in my head. That sounding a little crazy, but I guess I am a little bit.

It is time to go crazy, enjoy life and dance with each stroke of the pen.